Automotive Network Solutions

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Realizing low-latency in-vehicle networks through Ethernet TSN preemption!

Current in-vehicle information systems are composed of separate systems: the control data, ADAS, and info data. However, it is predicted that by the year 2020, all of this data will be connected through one network to make self-driving vehicles a reality. This necessitates a measure of control to ensure that sensor and image data flowing through the network do not cause latency for data that is used by control systems.

Ethernet TSN preemption functions have been standardized to achieve this. Only Renesas earned passing marks on all items at the Plugfest, an event related to frame interrupt processing, sponsored by Avnu Alliance.

The video demonstrates the transmission of brake data in both low and high-latency environments, and the data delay results that manifest in the slot car’s brake distance.

Added on 2018-05-12