Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

Medium One, Inc.


Demonstrates that a Synergy Kit can connect to the cloud and be remotely controlled with the use of the LED toggle feature.


This demo uses the Synergy SK-S7G2 Starter Kit and the AE-Wi-Fi application example kit to illustrate:

• Remote monitoring and data transfer through a cloud platform

• Interactive LCD display of cloud analytics, built with GUIX™ 

• Unified onboarding and provisioning for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi (GT202)


The Synergy SK-S7G2 kit first tries to connect to Ethernet then switches to Wi-Fi if Ethernet is unavailable. An interactive display built on the GUIX™ framework shows distance, duration, and counter values obtained remotely from the cloud. The LED can be toggled either by pressing the button on the Synergy SK-S7G2 kit or on the Renesas IoT Sandbox web interface. Button presses are logged and sent to the cloud dashboard to remotely monitor the button state.