Quad Digitally-Controlled (XDCP™) Potentiometer Evaluation Board


The X9259EVAL board is used to evaluate the X9259 single supply/low power/256-tap/2-wire bus, quad digitally-controlled (XDCP™) potentiometer.

The X9259 integrates four digitally controlled potentiometers (XDCP) on a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. The digitally controlled potentiometers are implemented with a combination of resistor elements and CMOS switches. The position of the wipers are controlled by the user through the 2-wire bus interface. Each potentiometer has a volatile wiper counter register (WCR) and four nonvolatile data registers that can be directly written to and read by the user. The content of the WCR controls the position of the wiper. At power-up, the device recalls the content of the default data registers of each DCP (DR00, DR10, DR20, and DR30) to the corresponding WCR.

Key Features

  • Four separate potentiometers in one package
  • 256 resistor taps–0.4% resolution
  • 2-wire serial interface for write, read and transfer operations of the potentiometer
  • Wiper resistance: 100Ω typical at VCC = 5V
  • 4 nonvolatile data registers for each potentiometer
  • Nonvolatile storage of multiple wiper positions
  • Standby current <5µA max
  • VCC: 2.7V to 5.5V operation
  • 50kΩ version of total resistance
  • Endurance: 100,000 data changes per bit per register
  • 100 year data retention
  • Single supply version of X9258
  • 24 Ld SOIC, 24 Ld TSSOP
  • Low power CMOS


  • Control
  • Parameter adjustments
  • Signal processing

X9259EVAL Digital Potentiometer Eval Board

X9259EVAL Digital Potentiometer Evaluation Board

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