The ZSC31014 RBiciLite™ is a feature rich CMOS integrated circuit for high accuracy amplification and analog-to-digital conversion of a differential input signal. Perfect for low-cost applications, the ZSC31014 can perform offset, span, and 1st and 2nd order temperature compensation of the measured signal. Developed for correction of resistive bridge sensors, the ZSC31014 can also provide a corrected temperature output through an internal or external sensor measurement. Digital compensation of signal offset, sensitivity, temperature and non-linearity is accomplished via an internal digital signal processor running a correction algorithm. Calibration coefficients are stored in a highly reliable non-volatile EEPROM. Measured and corrected bridge values provided at the digital output pins can easily be configured as I2C or SPI. Programming of the ZSC31014 is made simple by the I2C interface and the PC-controlled calibration software provided in the IDT Evaluation Kit. Digital mating of the sensor with the signal conditioner is fast and precise, eliminating the overhead normally associated with trimming external components and multi-pass calibration routines.

Integrated diagnostics functions and low power stand-by-mode make the ZSC31014 attractive for a variety of battery-operated applications, particularly products involving the use of a microcontroller for networking sensors.


  • Digital compensation of sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and non-linearity
  • Eight programmable analog gain and digital gain settings; accommodates bridges with spans < 1mV/V and high offset
  • Internal or optional external temperature compensation for sensor correction and for corrected temperature out
  • Diagnostic features (e.g., EEPROM signature, bridge connection checks, bridge short detection)
  • 32-bit customer ID field for module traceability
  • Digital single-pass calibration via I2C
  • Fast power-up to data output response: 3ms
  • Current consumption depends on programmed sample rate: as low as 200


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star ZSC31014 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.03 MB
ZSC31010 / ZSC31014 Application Note - Interfacing with a Gas Sensor Application Note PDF 224 KB
ZSC31014 AN - I²C Network for Sensor Modules Application Note PDF 356 KB
ZSC3xxxx / ZSSC3xxx Application Note-Interfacing Single-Ended Sensor to Differential SSC Application Note PDF 128 KB
ZSC31014 Short-form Datasheet Datasheet - Short-form PDF 211 KB
Renesas CAD Altium Libraries for AID Products Rev 20210820 Guide 7Z 1.21 MB
ZSC31014 SSC Mass Calibration System Manual - Development Tools PDF 587 KB
ZSC31014 Evaluation Kit Description Manual - Development Tools PDF 945 KB
ZSC31014 Coefficient Calculation Spreadsheet Rev. 1.2 Other XLS 164 KB
ZSC31014 External Temperature Measurement Spreadsheet Rev. 1.0 Other XLS 49 KB
ZSC31014 Analog Front-End Configuration Spreadsheet Rev. 1.10 Other XLS 139 KB
Sensor Signal Conditioning ICs for Industrial and Consumer Applications Overview PDF 2.93 MB
ZSC31014 Detailed Equations for Calibration Math Technical Brief PDF 73 KB
ZSC31014 Die Dimensions and Pad Coordinates Technical Brief PDF 315 KB
ZSC31014 TN - Calibration Sequence and DLL Description Technical Brief PDF 388 KB
ZSC31014 TN - Change I²C Address Technical Brief PDF 212 KB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
ZSC31014 Evaluation Kit Software Rev. 1.489 Software & Tools - Evaluation Software ZIP 1.23 MB

memoryBoards & Kits

Part Number Title Type Company
ZSC31014-MCS Mass Calibration System for ZSC31014 Evaluation Renesas
ZSC31014KIT Evaluation Kit for ZSC31014 Evaluation Renesas