The HIP2103-4DEMO2Z module is a prototyping tool that uses the HIP2103 and the HIP2104 half bridge drivers to control six on-board MOSFETs configured as a 3-phase bridge. This module is intended to drive a BLDC motor but can be used in any application that requires any combination of 3 independent half bridges.

Included in this module is a 12-pin header that interfaces control signals to the customer provided controller. Large diameter holes are also provided to connect this module to the external motor and to the high current voltage source.


  • Small, compact 3-phase bridge module
  • VBAT (bridge voltage) range 5V to 40VDC
  • Six high current on-board MOSFETs (60A)
  • Large diameter holes for wire connections to motor and power source
  • 12-pin through-hole header for signal connections to an external controller
  • Clear area on the PCB backside to accommodate an optional heatsink
  • Optimized PCB layout that can be used as a reference


  • Half bridge, full bridge and BLDC motor drives
  • UPS and inverters
  • Class-D amplifiers
  • Any switch mode power circuit requiring a half bridge driver


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star HIP2013-4DEMO2Z User Guide
Manual - Development Tools
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HIP2103-4DEMO2Z Design Files
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