Resolver to Digital Converter

This is a digital signal processing IC that converts the signal from the resolver sensor for a brushless DC motor and stepping motor into an angle signal and a position signal for an RX MCU.

The RAA306400XGFP is an R/D (Resolver/Digital) conversion IC that converts the resolver detection signal (electrical angle information), which is an analog signal based on the mechanical rotation angle of the resolver, from a one-phase excitation two-phase output type resolver sensor (angle sensor) into a digital signal that is then output.



Reduce tack time with high-speed response scans that you can't achieve with other Resolver to Digital Converter (RDC) ICs.

Supports both voltage and current detection methods and implements a winding error correction function so there is no selecting the resolver manufacturer.
Improved availability of motors and resolvers.

The cost of the device (RDC IC) is reduced by using some of the motor control MCU functions that are always required and simplifying the RDC circuit.




Item Function
Resolver drive unit Input square wave: 5/10/20kHz, 2.5Vp-p (Max.)
Excitation signal output
AC voltage: 2.5Vp-p (Max.)
Alternating current: 35mAp-p (Max.)
Over-temperature detection circuit on-chip
Converter part Differential amplifier circuit Variable gain: 2, 4, 8, 16.5X
Signal conversion circuit Angle error correction function, internal circuit error correction function
Disconnection detection circuit Detect disconnection from the signal amplitude
Amplifier circuit unit Differential amplifier circuit 2ch (differential input support), variable gain: 10, 25X, for motor control current detection
Control Communication function SPI interface (Max. 1MHz)
Operating frequency 4 MHz
Conversion error ±0.2 degrees
Supply voltage VDD = 4.5-5.5 V, IOVDD = VDD
Supply current Maximum operating current: 20 mA (Typ.)
Power save time: 420 μA (Typ.)
Operating ambient temperature -40 ℃ to +105 ℃
Package 48-pin plastic LQFP (7mm x 7mm, 0.5mm pitch)

Supported resolvers

VR type 4-phase resolver

Voltage detection method

Current detection method



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