Designed for Intelligent and Automated Driving Vehicles

The R-Car platform addresses a wide range of automotive applications such as Automated Driving or ADAS, Connected Gateway, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Cockpit and Dashboard. It is designed for the next generation of automotive computing for the age of autonomous vehicles. Cars have come to be called "drivable computers." Countless LAN-connected MCUs acquire data from actuators and sensors, and perform optimal processing to create earth-friendly cars. Automated driving, advanced navigation systems, and infotainment systems not only make driving more pleasant; they also provide safety with danger avoidance systems using video recognition based on cutting-edge embedded Artificial Intelligence technologies and support the ISO2626 safety standard up to ASIL D.

The scalable R-Car hardware platform and flexible software platform cover the full product range, from the premium class to the entry level. Plug-ins are available for multiple open-source software tools.

R-Car for Every Segment

R-Car for Every SegmentR-Car V3UR-Car V3MR-Car V3HR-Car H3R-Car M3R-Car E3R-Car D3

R-Car Consortium

The R-Car Consortium brings together system integrators, middleware/application developers, and operating system and tools vendors who are developing solutions for the car information system (CIS) market.

Product Lineup

R-Car H3 As an automotive computing platform for the autonomous-driving era, the R-Car H3 provides cognitive computing capabilities and an enhanced computing performance that can process large volumes of information from vehicle sensors accurately in real-time, making it ideal for driving safety support systems. The R-Car H3 enables system manufacturers to run applications that require complex processing, such as obstacle detection, driver status recognition, hazard prediction, and hazard avoidance. To further accelerate the driving safety support systems, the R-Car H3 also conforms to the ISO 26262 (ASIL-B) functionality safety for automotive.
R-Car M3 The R-Car M3 optimizes the functions and performance of its predecessor the R-Car H3. The R-Car M3 can be used in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for medium-class automotive computing systems.
R-Car E3 The R-Car E3 is suitable solution for full graphics cluster system with large TFT panel. And it can realize integrated system of instrument cluster and display audio system.
R-Car D3 The R-Car D3 has developed for full graphics cluster system. It performs high graphics rendering and realizes low system solution.
R-Car V3M The R-Car V3M is an SoC that is primarily aimed at front camera applications, but also surround view systems or even lidars, and that enables NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) features. It offers a highly-efficient image recognition engine,supports functional safety, and a high level of integration for reduced cost.
R-Car V3H The R-Car V3H delivers best-in-class TOPS/Watt for cutting-edge computer vision, supports the latest NCAP 2020 requirements, including driver monitoring systems, and provides a migration path toward NCAP 2025.
R-Car V3U The R-Car V3U SoC, based on the R-Car Gen 4 architecture, is the latest member of the open and innovative Renesas autonomy platform for ADAS and AD. The platform offers scalability from entry-level NCAP applications up to highly automated driving systems with the R-Car V3U providing up to 96k DMIPS and 60TOPS.


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