CD/MP3 Quality Stereo 2:1 Multiplexer with Click and Pop Elimination

Product Status: Mass Production


The Intersil ISL54405 is a single supply, bidirectional, dual single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) ultra low distortion, high OFF-Isolation analog switch that can pass analog signals that are positive and negative with respect to ground. It is primarily targeted at consumer and professional audio switching applications such as computer sound cards and home theater products. The inputs can accommodate ground referenced signals up to 2VRMS while operating from a single 3.3V or 5V DC supply. The digital logic inputs are 1.8V logic-compatible when using a single 3.3V or 5V supply. It can be used in both AC or DC coupled ground referenced applications.

The ISL54405 features a soft-switch feature and click/pop circuitry at each signal pin that eliminates clicks and pops associated with power-up/down conditions of the preceding amplifier outputs.

With -106dB THD+N performance with a 2VRMS signal into 20kΩ load, superior signal muting, high PSRR and very flat frequency response, the ISL54405 meets the exacting requirements of consumer and professional audio engineers.

The ISL54405 is available in 16 Ld TSSOP, 16 Ld 3mmx3mm TQFN, and 16 Ld 2.6mmx1.8mm µTQFN packages. It’s specified for operation over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • Clickless audio switching
  • 2 switches
  • Switch type SPDT or 2 to 1 MUX
  • 2VRMS signal switching from 3.3V or 5V supply
  • -106dB THD+N into 20kΩ load at 2VRMS
  • -108dB THD+N into 32Ω load at 3.9mW
  • Signal to noise: >124dBV
  • ±0.01dB insertion loss at 1kHz, 20kΩ load
  • ±0.007dB gain variation 20Hz to 20kHz
  • 125dB signal muting into 20kΩ load
  • 90dB PSRR 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Single supply operation: 3.3V or 5V
  • Available in 16 Ld TSSOP, 16 Ld TQFN, and 16 Ld µTQFN
  • Pb-Free (RoHS compliant)


 Block Diagram


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
Switch or MUX
Stereo Mux
Diff 2x1
Type of Switch
1.9 Ω
THD+N 20kΩ Load @ 2VRMS (%)
THD+N 32Ω Load @ 3.9mW (%)
Off-Isolation @ 20kHz, 20kΩ Load
125 dB
Insertion Loss @ 20kΩ Load
0.02 dB
VS (max)
5 V
VS (min)
3.3 V
Qualification Level
Can Sample
Temperature Range
-40 to +85

Action Needed