Renesas had developed an evaluation environment for dual motor control which can be build  using two of the already commercially available motor evaluation kits.
To make the motor control development more efficient the  “Renesas Motor Workbench“ tool is supporting this effort. , By doing so you can control dual motors simultaneously by changing the motor control parameters on the simple provided GUI. 

By Takeo Mimura -- 2021-08
This blog introduces the “OTA solution” that uses Bluetooth LE wireless technology to update the RX23W firmware from your smartphone.
By Makoto Kawaguchi -- 2021-08

In this solution, you can work on wireless and total power evaluation of the “silex” wireless evaluation board using the Renesas IDE. You can easily get the actual wireless and power evaluation even at the very early stage of the development.

By Masaki Hama, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-08

Renesas is pleased to announce that CPX3 (CoolPhoenix 3 Powerline Modem-R9A06G37) has now been re-certified to the PRIME Powerline standard Version 1.4 covering all security profiles as well as backward compatibility features. 

These features are essential to ensure a secure data communication as well as a seamless operation of PRIME 1.4 nodes in conventional PRIME networks.  

By Christos Aslanidis, Manager -- 2021-08

With the acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor by Renesas Electronics, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options are now offered as part of the Renesas Quick-Connect IoT platform.

By Brad Rex, Sr. Manager, System and Solution Team -- 2021-08

Renesas’ 100W Power Adaptor with Power Delivery and Wireless Charging Solution eliminates the need for multiple chargers in the home or office by providing simultaneous use for wireless charging, USB-C with PD and two standard USB ports.

By Lyncky Li, Solutions Marketing Manager -- 2021-08

Renesas’ smart asset tracking label solution is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) based, multi-sensor solution supporting data logging, real-time inventory and environmental data monitoring to prevent record and time-stamp inventory loss and damage.

By Michael Joehren, Solutions Architect -- 2021-08

Renesas is pleased to announce that CPX3 (CoolPhoenix 3 Powerline Modem-R9A06G37) in combination with TsuRuGi (sub-GHz transceiver-RAA604S00) has received the certification for the G3-PLC Hybrid specification. This paves the way to additional smart grid and IoT applications by using wired and wireless media in a single network.

By Christos Aslanidis, Manager -- 2021-08

Introducing a low cost and easy way to realize DSP, which is often thought to be expensive  and difficult, with RX Family MCU.

By Kazutoyo Yamauchi, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-08

With the increase in IoT devices deployment, the number of inquiries  for firmware update with OTA (Over-the-air) have been increasing. I would like to introduce a middleware to realize FOTA (Firmware update Over-the-air) for RX Family that we have developed.

By Keita Kashima, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-08