The model-based development software for Renesas in-vehicle microcontroller RH850/C1M-Ax, which specializes in HEV/EV motor control is currently available for purchase. The free version is also being distributed on the WEB. Do not miss your chance to use this product.

By Yurie Hanaoka, - -- 2021-07

Especially for entry to mid IVI and digital cluster systems, developers are looking for cost-efficient solutions that allow them to minimize their bill of material and development efforts. The new R-Car Gen3e series addresses these needs, offering a seamless upgrade path from the popular R-Car Gen3 with higher system performance and enhanced integration, fast boot, and FuSa capabilities.

By Peter Bechberger, Automotive Solution Business Unit Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division SoC Marketing Department -- 2021-07

Building an evaluation environment for a WVGA display from hardware construction to actual displaying with a commercially available general-purpose MCU kit and a WVGA LCD panel. In this setup, we also use a convenient plug-in tool of e2 studio.

By Naoyuki Tsubaki, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-07

To meet the increasing demand on touchless control caused by global pandemic of COVID-19, Renesas provides a new Touchless Button Demo Solution by using Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs) with a built-in capacitive touch sensor unit (CTSU). The touchless button demo solution provides a cost-efficient method to detect the operation of certain button without any physical contact. With the solution, customer can quickly set up their own touchless control solution with a small increase in BOM cost.

By Xihua Lin, Senior staff engineer -- 2021-07

Jonpaul introduces the new Automotive High-Definition Link that will accelerate expansion of high-resolution cameras into economy vehicle models.

By Jonpaul S. Jandu, Senior Marketing Manager -- 2021-07

I would like to introduce the IGBT products for controlling the traction motor of xEV. 

By Masaya Ehara, Principal Engineer -- 2021-07

Looking for a Microcontroller that is able to support you in term of supply and long-life cycle even after 10 years into production? Renesas RX Microcontroller has the right answer for you.

By Ron Koh, RX Marketing Leader -- 2021-07

Renesas’ Quick-Connect IoT platform provides standard hardware and software building blocks to enable quick prototyping of IoT systems.

By Dan Goodhew, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-07

A new safety manager shopping power converters and wondering about the features listed under the functional safety section? Or are you a seasoned design and release engineer who is looking to start on a new ISO26262 (or IEC61508) module? Either way, this article will help give help in applying Functional Safety concepts to help you in your next automotive design.

By Christopher James Semanson, Staff Applications Engineer -- 2021-07

For RX MCU beginners and those of you who have a plan to use, I will introduce our web page to check and the items to download for starting development for RX. You need only 2 steps to get ready! 

By Yamagata, Hisayo, Principal Specialist, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-06