Renesas’ RL78/I1D, RL78/G12, RL78/G13 and RL78/G14 microcontrollers (MCUs) integrate on-chip the peripheral functions necessary for use in smoke detector design, making it possible to reduce the overall product size. Low-voltage operation contributes to extended battery life, which is essential for detectors that must operate over extended periods of time.



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RL78 Family M3S-S2-Tiny: Introduction Guide Rev.2.00
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日本語 Application Note PDF 231 KB
RL78/G14 Sound Playback/Compression Demonstration for RL78/G14 CPU Board Rev.1.02
Related Files: Sample Code
日本語 Application Note PDF 850 KB
RL78/G14 Data Sheet Rev.3.32 Datasheet PDF 1.76 MB
RL78/I1D Datasheet (R01DS0244EJ0230) Rev.2.30 Datasheet PDF 1.06 MB
RL78/G12 Datasheet Rev.2.30 Datasheet PDF 1009 KB
Detect it! Flyer PDF 1.70 MB
[Notes] RL78 Family Sound Playback/Compression System (Original ADPCM Codec) M3S-S2-Tiny V.3.04 Release 00 日本語 Tool News - Note PDF 107 KB
The Sound Playback System and Compression Library M3S-S2-Tiny for the RL78 Family V.3.00 Release 00 Published 日本語 Tool News - Release PDF 317 KB