September 10, 2019

SHANGHAI, China – Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, will showcase its embedded solutions for endpoint intelligence in booth #6 1H, E202 at The 21st China International Industry Fair (CIIF 2019) in Shanghai, September 17-21, 2019. Renesas technical experts will demonstrate how the company is taking up the challenge to embed intelligence in every space to make life easier in smart factories and industrial automation applications.

“China is the world’s largest manufacturing market and is quickly transforming its factories into fully automated and interconnected smart factories to drive Industry 4.0,” said Tomomitsu Maoka, Senior Vice President of Renesas and Chairman of Renesas Electronics China. “Our microprocessor and microcontroller (MCU) solutions provide the endpoint intelligence that can help Chinese manufacturers address the evolving real-time performance, security, and connectivity demands of smart factory applications.”

Solutions Demonstrations – Endpoint Intelligence at Work

China’s embedded developers can explore the broad range of Renesas solutions enabling embedded endpoint intelligence in current and emerging application areas.

  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence (e-AI) Solution
    Renesas will demonstrate an e-AI solution that utilizes AI units to make it possible for existing equipment to adopt AI at the endpoint, including all AI inference: data collection, storage, analysis and control. Manufacturers will discover how they can integrate e-AI technology directly into existing factory equipment to significantly improve productivity. e-AI supports accurate failure prediction of abnormal states and enables predictive maintenance while promoting product quality.
  • Real-time AI Object Recognition Solution
    Renesas will display a Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor-AI (DRP-AI) test chip that can conduct AI inference through the DRP to realize low-power real-time object recognition. The demonstration system takes the image from the CMOS camera lens, manages image data pre-processing (YUV to RGB conversion) and size re-adjustment on the DRP-AI test chip, and then the AI accelerator performs object recognition and outputs the result.
  • Multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet Solution
    A smart factory network system demonstration will highlight Renesas’ multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solution. The demo includes a master device based on RZ/N1 and two gateways, as well as slave devices built on TPS-1, R-IN32, RZ/N1, and RX72M chips. The master device and two gateways are connected via Ethernet/IP, while the two gateways and each slave device are connected via PROFINET or EtherCAT. The gateway can be used for protocol conversion between Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, or between Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. The multi-protocol RZ/N1 enables multiple industrial Ethernet systems with a single chip. The solution addresses master devices, such as PLC, sensor hub, gateway; and slave equipment, such as communication module, remote I/O, and motor control.
  • RX Functional Safety Solution
    The RX Functional Safety demonstration performs various functional safety tasks on a PC using a fault insertion switch. The solution supports all Renesas MCUs based on the RXv2 CPU core. It has received full SIL certification and is suitable for all types of industrial equipment safety applications. The RX Functional Safety solution reduces the number of man-hours needed to obtain SIL certification by 70 percent, significantly lowering development and system costs. The solution includes a CPU Self-Test Software Kit, as well as a SIL3 System Software Kit for redundancy, reference documents for certification, and a certified C compiler.
  • Resolver Sensor Motor Control Solution
    The resolver sensor motor control demo is based on the RX MCU and Resolver to Digital Converter IC (RDC-IC), which is currently in development. It can achieve the same position control accuracy as a 16,000-pulse optical encoder. It also enables high-precision positioning and synchronous control of robotic arms by controlling the 2-axis BLDC motor with resolver. The resolver is highly reliable providing high tolerance to harsh outdoor working environments that may include vibration, dust, oil, and dirt. This makes it suitable for automatic carriers, electric wheelchairs and assist robots used outdoors.
  • Air Quality Monitor (PM2.5) Solution
    The air quality monitor (PM2.5) with secure cloud connection is a Renesas Industrial IoT reference design that uses sensors to detect air quality contaminants and send an alert to the cloud via Wi-Fi cloud connection. The reference design simplifies building a system for sensing and monitoring the environment, and utilizes the HS3001 humidity sensor, Synergy S5D9 MCU, high performance battery charger and power management devices.

About Renesas Electronics Corporation

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