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Renesas Electronics has an environmental policy declaring that "We will contribute to the harmonization of society and the environment in the course of our business activities.", so we are currently promoting one of our action guidelines that states "We will incorporate environmental considerations into all stages of the product life cycle, including research & development, design, procurement, production, sale, logistics, use and disposal."

In order to realize this, it is essential to reduce the environmental impact in all phases of our products lifecycles, and this includes components and materials that make up the semiconductors. Therefore Renesas Electronics is committed on a preferential basis, to procuring environmentally friendly components and materials from companies that take a positive stance toward environmental conservation.

Renesas Electronics Green Procurement Guidelines state our requirements for green procurement.

We are looking forward to your cooperation.

Green Procurement Documents

Guidelines and Standards

Title Size
  Green Procurement Guidelines(PDF)
43 KB
  Green Procurement Standard(PDF)
186 KB
  Management of Chemical Substances List
Revision: Ver.8
658 KB
  • Green Procurement Standard has a password, please contact a investigation requester.

Entry Format

Title Size
  Green Procurement Questionnaire A, B
refer to "Green Procurement Guidelines"
75 KB
  Investigation Sheet for Chemical Substances Included
refer to "Green Procurement Standard"
100 KB
  Data Sheet for Purchase Unit
refer to "Green Procurement Standard"
69 KB
  • For "Environmentally hazardous substances analysis data", please submit by free format. (refer to "Green Procurement Standard")

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