For more than 20 years, we have provided contract development services for many automotive embedded systems that use Renesas products (RZ, RH850, RL78, R-CAR, etc.). Our track record includes such products as navigation systems, meters, head-up displays, sensors and gateway ECUs. We also have a hardware development division, and have been involved in many circuit and FPGA designs.


FPGA support, Software support




We support all the software engineering processes specified in Automotive SPICE, from upstream design to detailed design and implementation evaluation, including software architecture design, memory mapping, bus load design, software block design, interface design between components, and processing priority design for new system design. In addition, we utilize test automation, which is essential in development today, to incorporate the integration items required by the customer into CI, and provide support for operations. We cover a wide range of development elements, including HMI, connectivity, various wired and wireless communications, sensor control, actuator control, diagnostics, and automotive development.

Similarly, in FPGA development, we collaborate with board circuitry and software from the upstream process to create a performance-oriented design that maximizes the features of FPGAs. We also provide Verilog HDL and VHDL language support, major Xilinx and Intel manufacturers, a wide range of device lineup from small to large scale, utilization of manufacturer and device-specific IP, and support for high-speed operation designs such as DDR4 and PCIe. We also evaluate actual equipment using in-house measuring instruments such as high-speed oscilloscopes and analyzers.


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