Celebrate Oktoberfest with a beverage coaster reference design that lights up, plays music and indicates beverage drinkability.


Here at Renesas, we are celebrating Oktoberfest 2017 by introducing our latest reference design. This exclusive beverage coaster lights up, plays music and indicates beverage drinkability. We have combined the capabilities of the Renesas Synergy Platform S3 series MCU with power conversion, analog and sensor technology from Intersil, a Renesas company to create a self-contained reference design that is as informative as it is useful.

As you place a drink on the coaster, the ISL29102 light to voltage sensor detects the shadow of the drink and begins flashing the RGB LEDs. When the drink is set down, the LEDs light continually and the iconic Chicken Song plays quietly in the background.

Additionally, the coaster detects the relative temperature of your beverage utilizing a thermistor from TE Connectivity. As your drink warms, the thermistor detects the temperature change and LEDs will turn from blue to purple to red to indicate that your drink may not have the same drinkability that it once had.

The reference design is powered by two AAA batteries which feed the ISL9111 boost converter and then the ISL8202M power module. The design also shows off the ISL28133 micropower zero-drift op amp and the ISL28534 programmable gain zero-drift instrumentation amplifier.

At the heart of the design is the Synergy S3A7 microcontroller which utilizes the on-chip ADC, hardware timers, interrupt controllers thanks to the simplicity of making simple API calls provided in the versatile Synergy Software Package that is the backbone of the Renesas Synergy Platform.

Register to win a free Renesas Oktoberfest Beverage Coaster today and help ensure that your furniture is kept water-stain free and that there you are not surprised by a warm drink when you’re expecting a nice cold drink. Happy Oktoberfest from Renesas, TE Connectivity and Intersil, a Renesas company.