The IDT F1152 dual channel device is designed to operate with a single 5V supply. It is optimized for operation in a Multi-mode, Multi-carrier BaseStation Receiver for RF bands from 1700 - 2200 MHz with Low Side Injection. IF frequencies from 50 to 350 MHz are supported. Nominally, the device offers +42 dBm Output IP3 with 335 mA of ICC. Alternately one can adjust 4 resistor values and a toggle pin to run the device in low current mode with +37 dBm Output IP3 and 235 mA of ICC.

A member of IDT’s Zero-Distortion™ family, this RF to IF mixer reduces distortion for improved SNR while simultaneously reducing power consumption.


  • Dual Path for Diversity Systems
  • Ideal for Multi-Carrier Systems
  • 8.5 dB Gain
  • Ultra linear +42 dBm IP3O
  • Low NF < 10 dB
  • 200 ohm output impedance
  • Ultra high +13 dBm P1dBI
  • Drop in replacement for existing radiocards
  • 6x6 mm 36 pin package
  • Power Down mode
  • < 200 nsec settling from Power Down
  • Minimizes Synth pulling in Standby Mode
  • Low Current Mode : ICC = 235 mA
  • Standard Mode: ICC = 335 mA
  • 1400 to 1600 MHz operation w/Low Side Injection


製品名 Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type 購入/サンプル
Active VFQFPN 36 I はい Tray
Active VFQFPN 36 I はい Reel


タイトル language 分類 形式 サイズ 日付
star F1152NBGI Datasheet データシート PDF 2.62 MB
RF Product Selection Guide ガイド PDF 1015 KB
AT0083-F1152 Low IF Frequency.pdf アプリケーションノート PDF 643 KB
PCN# : TB1602-01 Alternate Test Location for Select Devices 製品変更通知 PDF 39 KB
PCN# : A1406-01R1 Add Alternate Assembly 製品変更通知 PDF 35 KB
PCN# : A1406-01 Alternate Assembly Locations for Selective Package 製品変更通知 PDF 33 KB
IDT RF Mixers Product Brief (Japanese) English, 简体中文 製品概要 PDF 1.31 MB