The IDT Tsi381 evaluation board is ideal for evaluating and prototyping the Tsi381 PCIe-to-PCI bridge. The Tsi381 evaluation board is an extended height x1 PCIe card that is designed to fit into a standard PCIe slot on a PC motherboard, or interconnect with other cards equipped with a standard PCIe connector.

The evaluation board uses the Tsi381 to bridge between x1 PCIe on the card edge to four 32-bit PCI slots on the board. 


  • Single x1 lane, 2.5 Gbps PCIe extended height riser card
  • Fully compliant with PCI Express Specification (Revision 1.1)
  • Four 32-bit, 25–66 MHz, PCI slots
  • Serial EEPROM that can be programmed with optimized settings for the Tsi381
  • PCI power supported through system or external ATX supply
  • 3.3V/Universal PCI card support
  • Optional 5V PCI card support
  • Optional on-board PCIe reference clock
  • Optional on-board PCI bus clock
  • Manual and auto-detect PCI bus clock frequency
  • Over current protection
  • Optional PCI bus arbiter CPLD


Part Status 製品名 購入/サンプル
TSI381-RDK2 V1.0
TSI381-RDK1 V2.0
TSI381-RDK1 V2.1


タイトル language 分類 形式 サイズ 日付
Tsi381 Evaluation Board Feature Sheet マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 257 KB
Tsi381 Evaluation Board Release Notes - 3.3V_Universal マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 224 KB
Tsi381 Evaluation Board Release Notes - 5V_Universal マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 245 KB
Tsi381 Evaluation Board User Manual マニュアル-評価ボード PDF 1.08 MB
Tsi381 Evaluation Board Schematics 回路図 PDF 633 KB