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The EL5171 and EL5371 are single and triple bandwidth amplifiers with an output in differential form. They are primarily targeted for applications such as driving twisted-pair lines in component video applications. The input signal is single-ended and the outputs are always differential. On the EL5171 and EL5371, two feedback inputs provide the user with the ability to set the gain of each device (stable at minimum gain of one). For a fixed gain of two, please see EL5170 and EL5370. The output common mode level for each channel is set by the associated VREF pin, which have a -3dB bandwidth of over 50MHz. generally, these pins are grounded but can be tied to any voltage reference. All outputs are short circuit protected to withstand temporary overload condition. The EL5171 and EL5371 are specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C temperature range.


  • Fully differential outputs and feedback
  • Input range ±2.3V typ.
  • 250MHz 3dB bandwidth
  • 800V/µs slew rate
  • Low distortion at 5MHz
  • Single 5V or dual ±5V supplies
  • 90mA maximum output current
  • Low power - 8mA per channel
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)


  • Twisted-pair driver
  • Differential line driver
  • VGA over twisted-pair
  • ADSL/HDSL driver
  • Single-ended to differential amplification
  • Transmission of analog signals in a noisy environment


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star EL5171, EL5371 Datasheet データシート PDF 840 KB
AN1993: Voltage Feedback versus Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers アプリケーションノート PDF 564 KB
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp アプリケーションノート PDF 357 KB
AN535: Design Considerations for a Data Acquisition System (DAS) アプリケーションノート PDF 843 KB
TB514: Operational Amplifier Basics その他資料 PDF 519 KB
PA14042 - Minimum Line Quantity Change Product Advisory PDF 363 KB
PLC15033 - Product Discontinuance / Obsolescence NotificationProducts Product Life Cycle Notice PDF 200 KB


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