Enhancing Automotive Security for Connected Vehicles

Automotive control by electronic systems such as electronic control units (ECU) continues to become more advanced and sophisticated to achieve cars that are safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Electronic systems have come to bear the intended function of automotive control, in particular in driving support systems such as collision avoidance and automatic following traveling systems. In such circumstances, the implementation of functional safety technology that performs safe handling even in the event of failure, and security technology that protects system operation from external attacks, has become essential.

Functional Safety & Security Support Program for Automotive

Together with our customers around the world, and as the holder of a top-level global share in the automotive semiconductor business, Renesas has been creating state-of-the-art functional safety and security technologies. Leveraging our core competences of the vast experience gained through international security standard (ISO 26262) activities and our proven track record recognized by our many customers, we propose new system solutions that are optimized to our customers' systems and that can easily satisfy functional safety and security requirements.

Security Solutions