Renesas MCU Car Rally 2017

Renesas University Program
Added on 2018-06-27

This video shows the 3rd European Renesas MCU Car Rally held on 16th March 2017 at embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg.

30 teams from all over Europe, comprising some 150 students supported by 25 professors, participated in the challenge by each developing a functioning model rally car that included sensors and an RX microcontroller from Renesas. A basic car kit with all components is supplied by Renesas. 

The sensors in the front of the car detect a white or grey line on the track. Using data from the sensors, the MCU controls the motor and self-drives the car along the track.  The challenge is to optimize hardware and software so that the MCU car is as fast as possible and at the same time will not come off the track.

For more information, please visit the MCU Car Rally page.