DevCon 2015: IoT Security Concerns & Renesas Synergy™ Solutions

Added on 2018-06-27

Lecture: DC01BA: Security is one of the major challenges facing the IoT domain as cyber-physical systems become commonplace and the number of attacks skyrocket.

This session will introduce the security threats and concerns facing IoT designers. We will discuss how the core requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability allow these challenges to be turned into positive product differentiation by leveraging the new Renesas Synergy Platform. 

During the presentation, we will separate the hype about security from the reality “on the ground” and investigate how we achieve a balanced solution for a variety of applications. We will introduce security terminology and break these down into manageable segments (for example, how confidentiality resolves into authentication, authorization and encryption, and how designers can start evolving system design). 

We will explore key security features of the Renesas Synergy Platform, including both hardware and software components, that enable complex solutions to be rapidly developed and deployed, reducing time to market while providing scalable solutions for today and tomorrow. 

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