Solutions that support the development of highly efficient, stylish cooking appliances are available. Renesas offers optimal solutions for IH cookers, microwave ovens, and IH rice cookers. Solutions for smart applications and devices are also available. See Renesas' recommended devices and solutions from the links below.

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IH Cooking Heater (High-End)

Induction Heating (IH) cooking ranges are gaining popularity in "all electric" homes due to their eco-friendliness and safety, since they do not use an open flame. Models capable of accommodating all types of metal cooking implements must be able to distinguish the material of the pots or pans placed on them, so their control circuits require high-performance MCUs. In addition, flat panels employing touch sensors are being introduced on many IH models because they are easy to clean.

IH Cooking Heater (Mid-Range)

Induction Heat cooking is gaining popularity due to its low power cooking requirements and safety advantages. IH cooking models capable of accommodating all types of metal cooking implements are now available and are marketed as suitable for the "all electric" home. These must be able to distinguish between the material of the pots or pans placed on them, and require high-performance MCUs to control the heating process. In addition, touch displays are now rapidly becoming the standard for control panels as they provide ease of use and more importantly to the housewife, ease of cleaning.

IH Rice Cooker (High-End)

High-end IH rice cookers are a popular category of electric home appliance designed to efficiently heat the cooking vessel to cook and produce tasty rice. In recent years, value-added models with an emphasis on superior flavor have appeared, but strong demand remains for eco-friendly products that boost efficiency through low power consumption.

Microwave Oven (High-End)

Microwave ovens have become ubiquitous electronic household cooking appliances due to their cooking method of heating food uniformly. But now modern high-end microwaves provide a variety of preparation functions, such as "simmer", "deep fry", "roast", "steam", and some models are now capable of baking bread with a "leaven" function. Microwave ovens are starting gaining attention as a healthy electric household appliance, capable of preparing food with low sodium or fat.

Microwave Oven (Low-End)

Low-end microwave ovens must provide simple operation as affordable electric household cooking appliances. They control the output power based on data obtained from thermal sensors, weight sensors, etc. In structural terms, the main output of a microwave oven is produced by a magnetron, with switching performed at commercial frequencies and output supplied to the magnetron.

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