OPC UA on Linux and RTOS

OPC UA compliant network solution


By using Renesas OPC UA, the collection/judgment result will be sent directly without the middle layer

Renesas made it possible to propose a MCU (RTOS) grade OPC UA.
Direct control of the equipment becomes possible without installing the middle layer.

Renesas' extensive product range expands IoT compliant equipment

Improve OPC UA solutions from the PLC to Sensor Hub.
A wide range is available to be able to select the optimum product according to the application used and its size.

Customers concentrate on adding "value" of equipment.

上Because there is only one higher level protocol, the protocol development is not needed.
It makes easier to build the whole system and expands the possibilities of business.


This demonstration consists of 4 evaluation boards and a PC (SCADA). You can see that each board communicates with SCADA and OPC UA.
The OPC UA is a standard for interoperability for safe and reliable data exchange.
The four evaluation boards are roughly divided into two groups.

The two on the left side are RZ/G1E (Dual Cortex A7 @ 1GHz) and RZ/N1D (Dual Cortex A7 @ 500 MHz + Cortex M3 @ 125MHz).
Both have installed SoftwarePLC on Linux. The illustration on the monitor is controlled with a program written in the PLC ST language.
We will propose a Linux solution where large quantities of information are intensively present and evaluated and controlled on site.

The two on the right side are R-IN32M3-EC (Cortex M3 @ 100MHz) and RX64M (RXv2 @ 96MHz).
In both cases, the OPC UA stack and demo applications have been installed on the RTOS (uITRON). RX controls switches, volumes, and oLED screens.
We propose an RTOS solution when we want to transmit a small amount of terminal sensor information directly to the upper layer, such as information gathering in another line, retrofitting to an existing line, maintenance use etc., and scattered equipment.
Of course, simple control can be maintained from the top.

Variable information in usual customer development applications makes OPC UA communication possible by using this solution, so it facilitates cooperation between the end point and the upper layer.

Added on 2018-05-12