Multicore/Model-based Environments

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Visualizes the multi-core performance during the first half of the development phase, improves greatly the development process!

The use of high-performance multi-core micro-controllers has greatly expanded following an increase in the use of advanced control systems such as those used in autonomous vehicles.
Unlike in single-core software development, the actual performance of the software in multi-core development varies greatly depending on the hardware involved. However, since there is no code in the initial stages of model-based development, there is no way to estimate multi-core operational performance, greatly increasing the risk of backtracking from the testing stage to address issues that come to the fore.

At Renesas, we have succeeded in accurately visualizing multi-core performance during the simulation stage by offering an automated Model Based Parallelizer (in partnership with eSOL Co., Ltd) and auto code generation functionality for RH850 Multicore. By directly checking multicore performance from Simulink control models, prevents backtracking and significantly reduces development times.

Model-based Multicore Software Auto-coding

Added on 2018-05-12