With security systems becoming more popular, IP cameras are now a huge market. Traditional IP cameras are fixed focus or contrast-detection autofocus (AF). As face recognition technology is becoming more of a trend in these systems, 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) and fast AF are also becoming required features.

In this reference design, Renesas provides a CMOS sensor with phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) functions. PDAF is much faster than conventional contrast-detection AF because of direct focusing. Customers can use low-end lenses because PDAF CMOS interface sensors (CIS) do not require wobbling operation on the lens.

This high performance power and analog system utilizes Renesas PMICs, DC/DC and LDOs for IP camera modules.

System Benefits

  • High performance CMOS with PDAF: 8M pixels for UHD, 1/1.9” optical format, 1.85μm x 1.85μm unit cell size
  • High performance PMICs, DC/DC and LDOs for an integrated solution
System Block Diagram

IP Camera with CMOS Sensor

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