The R-Car T2 is a system-on-chip (SoC) for in-vehicle camera networks that conforms to all four standards (IEEE802.1AS / IEEE802.1Qav / IEEE802.1Qat / IEEE1722) that make up the Ethernet AVB standard; and, it is capable of transmitting images at extremely low latency. This enables camera images to be shared with multiple systems while maintaining real-time performance, which can be used for various driver assistance systems such as surround view monitoring and obstruction detection.

  • Lower power consumption and a more compact size help reduce the size of the camera housing (countermeasure against heat) in order to minimize negative effects on automobile design
  • Next-generation Ethernet helps reduce the amount of cables, which reduces vehicle weight and space requirements
  • H.264 encoder realizes high-quality, low-latency image transmission that helps improve visibility
  • Low-latency performance is realized by optimization of a proprietary system


Increased Networking

Networked Camera Image System

Block Diagram of Module

Module Block Diagram

Item R-Car T2 Specifications
Part Number R-Car T2 (R9A05G011)
Power Supply Voltage 3.3V/1.8V (IO), 1.2V (core)
CPU Core Arm® Cortex® -M3 processor
Built-in Memory 512KB
External Memory Interface
Serial Flash ROM interface
CMOS Sensor
Input data format: YUV422, 8/10-bit
Input image size: 1280 x 960 pixels (maximum)
Input data bit width: 16-bit (Y: 8-bit / UV: 8-bit), 10-bit multiplex, 8-bit multiplex
H.264 Encoder Input image size: 1280 x 960 pixels (maximum)
Input frame rate: 30fps
Output format: YUV420
Encoding processing time: 1ms or less
Ethernet Interface Ethernet AVB 1.0-compatible MAC built in
Interface: MII
Ethernet AVB (802.1BA)
  • IEEE802.1AS
  • IEEE802.1Qav
  • IEEE802.1Qat
  • IEEE1722
Other Peripherals 32-bit compare timer x 4 channels
Watchdog timer x 1 channel
I2C bus interface x 1 channel
Clock synchronous serial interface (CSI) x 1 channel
Quad serial peripheral interface (QSPI) x 1 channel (supports Flash ROM interface)
Interrupt controller (INTC)
Clock: Crystal resonator (25MHz) or external clock input
Debugging functions (JTAG)
Power Consumption 40mW (Typ.)
Package 121-pin FPBGA (6 mm x 6 mm)

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