The Renesas Battery Management System (BMS) controls and monitors charging and discharging of batteries, providing monitoring and balancing of a stack of up to 16 series-connected lithium-ion battery cells typically used in EV/HEVs. Space usage in turn becomes much more efficient.

The Renesas RL78/F13 series of low power, 16-bit microcontrollers provides interaction with the battery control IC and controls its functionality over serial communication. RL78/F13 has various built-in functions and peripherals, including I2C, SPI, ADC, CAN, etc., to help make designing easier.


Block Diagram

Key Features
  • All functionality controlled by serial communication
  • Built-in functions and peripherals available
  • Supports peripherals such as I2C, SPI, ADC, CAN
Recommended Products
  • Microcontroller: RL78/F13 (R5F10968)
  • Battery Management IC: ISL78600
  • Power Management IC: ISL6719
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