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Issue Date : Jun.20.13

Category : Debugger Upgrades

E10A-USB Emulator Software V.3.06 Release 00 (Full package)



On-Chip Debugging Emulator E10A-USB (HS0005KCU01H and HS0005KCU02H) for SuperH RISC engine, H8SX, and H8S families has been upgraded from V.3.05 Release 00 to V.3.06 Release 00 on June 16, 2013. Click the following items for detailed information concerning upgrading.


Component List

Click at a device group in the following figure, and see the component list.

H8S H8SX SH-2 SH-3 SH-Mobile SH-4 New_SH-Mobile SH-4A SH-2A


Upgrade Information

Refer to Readme to see the description of this revision.


How to install

Decompress the downloaded ZIP file to obtain the install program (HewInstMan.exe) and execute it.



When you execute an update program, please execute it under an E10A-USB apart from a PC.


Product Name File Name File Size Download Link
E10A-USB Emulator Software V.3.06 Release 00 (Full package) 412.80 MByte