Version 1.7.5

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2019-12-19

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124, S3A3, S128, S5D9, S5D5, S5D3, S3A6, S3A1, S1JA

MD5: 91a71e62a997f35b3b02ba1bf3327a8c


What's New?


SSP v1.7.5 is a maintenance release incorporating updates and improvements to the modules and features provided in SSP v1.7.0.

 Key updates and improvements in SSP v1.7.5

  • USB Printer Class (Host) support: Included USBX Printer class (host) in Synergy USB Framework to add support for FS and HS modes
  • USB HUB class improvement: USB HUB now supports devices with more than 4 interrupts
  • XWare Updates:

                                          ThreadX v5.9

                                          NetX/Duo v5.12

                                          NetX Secure v5.12

                                          NetX/Duo Applications Bundle v5.12

                                          NetX Web (MQTT, SNMP, HTTPS) v5.12

                                          LevelX v5.6 

                                          USBX (Host and Device) v5.9 

                                          GUIX v5.6 and GUIX Studio 5.6

                                          FileX v5.7

  • QSPI Flash: Supports over 16 MB QSPI Flash memory with 4-Byte addressing mode
  • LevelX improvement:  Support for resizing the flash memory with sf_el_ls_nor framework.
  • Connectivity Frameworks: WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular Frameworks updated to support detaching of peripheral devices
  • Ease of Use: Link to Knowledge Base articles in XML


For additional information on improvements and bug fixes, review the SSP v1.7.5 Release Note and User's Manual. 

Important Note: The platform installers for SSP v1.7.5 were updated on 2020-1-08 to resolve an issue with the GUIX User Guide, users who have downloaded the installer between 2019-12-19 and 2020-1-08 are advised to use the GUIX user Guide posted seperately on the download page for GUIX Studio v5.6.


Installation Instructions

Refer to the Release Note for SSP v1.7.5 for installation and usage.