Accelerate and optimize Graphical User Interface (GUI) development for embedded applications using the Synergy Platform.


With a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment for drag-and-drop design of UI screens, GUIX Studio™ automatically generates C code that is compatible with the GUIX™ library and ready to be compiled and run on Synergy MCUs. Developers can produce pre-rendered fonts for use within an application using the integrated GUIX Studio™ font generation tool. Fonts can include any set of characters, including Unicode, for multi-lingual applications, and can be generated in either monochrome or anti-aliased formats.

GUIX Studio™ enables the importing of PNG and JPG files and conversion to compressed GUIX™ pixelmaps. It also allows customization of widget colors and drawing styles, enabling developers to fine-tune UI appearance.

GUIX™ applications can be executed on a desktop PC within the GUIX Studio™ environment, allowing quick generation and testing of UI concepts. Once completed, designs are exported as target-ready C data structures, and are ready to be compiled and linked with the Synergy Software Package. After the designs are released, GUIX™ applications can be easily updated to support additional languages using built-in application strings.

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