Intersil radiation hardened (rad hard) analog ICs are designed to optimize performance, reduce system SWaP (size, weight and power) costs and speed time to market for space and harsh environment applications.

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Manufacturing & Test Information

Renesas' rad hard analog portfolio strives for best-in-class performance, reduced system SWAP costs and fast time to market. Renesas has an unparalleled track record of providing highly reliable, efficient and accurate radiation hardened products that fit a wide range of space applications, including satellite communications and space flight systems.

The low dose rate ionizing dose response of semiconductors has become a key issue in space applications. Renesas is addressing this market by wafer-by-wafer low dose rate acceptance testing as a complement to current high dose rate acceptance testing.

Renesas is one of only a few RHA Defense Logistics Agency (Land and Maritime) QML suppliers. All of Renesas' radiation hardened SMD products are MIL-PRF-38535/QML compliant and are 100% burned in.

Space & Harsh Environment


Rad Hard Buffers

High-speed closed-loop buffer with user-programmable gain and output limiting

Rad Hard CAN Bus Transceivers

Low dose rate tested CAN transceivers that reduce system level bit error rates

Rad Hard Comparators

Comparators that provide immunity to single event latch-up in the space environment

Rad Hard Current Sense Amplifiers

Radiation hardened, high side current sense amplifiers for the space environment

Rad Hard Current Sources

ICs that provide current excitation to resistive sensors in satellite subsystems

Rad Hard Instrumentation Amplifiers

High-performance, differential and single-ended output instrumentation amplifiers

Rad Hard Interface

Quad differential line drivers for digital data transmission in RS-422 applications

Rad Hard Multiplexers

Radiation hardened MUXes provide ESD protection for data acquisition systems

Rad Hard Op Amps

Low noise, low offset voltage, low input bias current, and low temperature drift op amps

Rad Hard Sample and Hold

Rad hard monolithic circuit consisting of a high-performance operational amplifier

Rad Hard Switches

Rad hard analog switches are monolithic devices that ensure latch-up free operation

Rad Hard Temperature Sensors

Rad hard 2-terminal temperature transducers with high impedance current output

Rad Hard Transistor Arrays

Rad hard bipolar transistor arrays offer high gain-bandwidth and a low noise figure

Rad Hard Voltage References

Ultra-low noise devices ideal for applications where low noise performance is critical