8kx8 Asynchronous CMOS Static RAM

Product Status: Mass Production


The HM-65642/883 is a CMOS 8192 x 8-bit Static Random Access Memory. The pinout is the JEDEC 28 pin, 8-bit wide standard, which allows easy memory board layouts which accommodate a variety of industry standard ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM and RAMs. The HM-65642/883 is ideally suited for use in microprocessor based systems. In particular, interfacing with the Intersil 80C86 and 80C88 microprocessors is simplified by the convenient output enable (G ) input.

The HM-65642/883 is a full CMOS RAM which utilizes an array of six transistor (6T) memory cells for the most stable and lowest possible standby supply current over the full military temperature range.


  • This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD- 883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1.
  • Full CMOS Design
  • Six Transistor Memory Cell
  • Low Standby Supply Current 100µA
  • Low Operating Supply Current 20mA
  • Fast Address Access Time 150ns
  • Low Data Retention Supply Voltage 2.0V
  • CMOS/TTL Compatible Inputs/Outputs
  • JEDEC Approved Pinout
  • Equal Cycle and Access Times
  • No Clocks or Strobes Required
  • Gated Inputs
  • No Pull-Up or Pull-Down Resistors Required
  • Temperature Range -55oC to +125oC
  • Easy Microprocessor Interfacing
  • Dual Chip Enable Control


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
Qualification Level
QML Class Q (military)
Temperature Range
-55 to +125

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