Simplify your industrial network development with a Renesas software package with common APIs and middleware components to support multiple protocols


Selecting the appropriate protocol for your application is a challenge. Leading industrial network protocols such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus TCP and others each provide unique features and value but all deliver real-time industrial networking capabilities. The challenge however, is that they are not interoperable so once a protocol is selected it will be difficult to change.


The Renesas Industrial Network Protocol Stack delivers a unified representation of the protocol by providing an abstraction layer that allows the user to implement various leading industrial network protocols, yet keeping a uniform API available at the application layer. This simplifies development having the user focus on the application and not the underlying protocol used.

RZ/N1 Software Structure

RZ/N1 Software Structure



Product List


Protocol Company Status
EtherCAT® Beckhoff Available
Ethernet/IP™ PORT Available
Modbus TCP/IP Renesas Available
Sercos® III CANNON-Automata In preparation
CANopen® PORT Available


Redundancy Protocol

Redundancy Protocol Company Status
DLR Renesas Available
HSR NetModule Available
PRP NetModule Available

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