Dear Customer,

Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH wishes to improve the handling of repair request for development tools from our customers.
Please fill in your personal details, select the appropriate Development Tool from the list boxes, fill in serial number of the Development Tool and describe the failure as precisely as necessary to enable us to understand the problem. Any additional document like screenshot, failure report, log file, etc. that may help us can be attached to your report.

Privacy Notice

Your personal details will be exclusively used to process your request. After you have filled in the forms, a report is generated which will be directly sent to us and initiates the handling procedure for your repair request. The same report included with a reference is sent out to the Email address entered in the first form. If you choose to provide us with your telephone or fax number you agree that we may contact you over the phone or via fax to resolve any issue you may have in case e-mail communication is not appropriate, e.g. because sending you the e-mail has failed or a communication over the phone or fax is more appropriate. Information on your contact person at Renesas is optional and serves the purpose of identifying the appropriate person to address you.

Please help us to speed up the turn around time for your repair request. If you have any questions regarding your repair request procedure please contact our responsible department.


The Development Tools Repair Request is intended for repair of Development Tools for Renesas microcontroller devices supplied directly from Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH only. Customers who have externally procured their tools, are requested to contact the distributor where the tool was originally purchased from!

Thank you for your co-operation!
Renesas Electronics Europe