This page is provided for customers wishing to register a tools purchase to claim a license key and access our technical support services. We ask that all tool purchases be registered with us prior to requesting support. To register, please fill out the registration form below.

If a licence transfer is required, please use the License Transfer request form.

Registration Form

Product Details

Found on the Customer Information sheet, e.g. YS32HEWMCSSH-1-18, YRTAHEW-H81UL.

Printed on the CD next to the product code.

5 or 6 digits, found on the media case and Customer Information sheet accompanying the compiler product.

Found on customer information sheet for the compiler product. If you DO NOT have this, leave blank if registering this product.

This site code is mandatory for licensing compilers (H8, SH, M16C/R8C, M32C, R32C, CCRX V.1.xx). The site code is NOT used for CCRX V2.xx. You can find the site code in different ways:

When using a compiler released 2008 and earlier please use the "AddKey" utility provided with your compiler. When using a later compiler use "License Management" inside HEW ("Help" > "Technical Support" > "License Management"). When using e2 studio with CCRX V.1.xx please use the "Sentinel SiteCode" utility. Please make sure you have only "Disk ID" selected.


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