The Renesas Promotion Board is a unique and cost-effective evaluation platform designed to facilitate the evaluation of Renesas' RX111 microcontrollers (MCUs) in a wide variety of applications requiring operation at very low power levels with high levels of performance.
The RX111 RPB comes with a number of sample applications, Graphic Code generator, a powerful Eclipse based IDE and includes a low-power demo with a PC graphical user interface (GUI) to allow developers to measure power consumption of the target RX111 in each of its low-power mode.
The new RPB includes a Segger J-Link on-chip debug function. It offers Host USB, Peripheral USB, PMOD, Energy Harvesting connectors as well as a Supercap to allow continued operation when the power is removed.


  • When you would like to start software development or MCU evaluation, please access to Design Support.


  • RX111 target board with integrated power measurement
  • Graphical user interface for the power measurement system
  • Free of charge host and peripheral USB sample code
  • Low-power demo application
  • Low Power USB Host/USB memory Stick file copy demo application
  • PMOD connector
  • Energy Harvesting connector
  • Future Application Header
  • The new e2 studio Integrated Development Environment
  • Renesas C/C++ Compiler with 128K code limited after 60days of use
  • Graphical Code Generator (Applilet)
  • Design Hardware and Software Documentation included


Example projects include

MCU power measurement

A custom design power measurement circuit has been implemented on the RPBRX111. This enables the user to quickly switch the Microcontroller in various low power modes and visualize power consumption directly in the provided windows GUI of your PC.


For additional reference it is also possible to measure current measurement directly on the board by connecting an external ammeter.

MCU current measurement

MCU power mode selection

Low power USB host application


In this demonstration the on board SuperCap is charge for the host PC. When the charging is complete the RPBRX111 can be disconnected from the host PC and powered from the SuperCap. A USB flash drive can now be connected and a PDF file is transferred from the internal Flash of the RX111. This can be verified by connecting the USB Flash drive to a host PC.


Advanced debug


Using the on board Segger JLINK debugger and virtual host console in the RX111 the user is guided through the advanced debug capabilities of the RX100 device family. These include hardware breakpoints, real time variable access and real time trace as well as conventional stepping, & register/ memory control.


Package Content

  • YRPBRX111 promotion board
  • USB Type A / Mini-B cable
  • Screwdriver to adjust the potentiometer voltage
  • PMOD connector
  • DVD containing all the software, tools, and documentation needed to quickly start evaluating the product: evaluating the product:
    • Demonstration and Evaluation GUI
    • e2 studio IDE for RX and Renesas C/C++ compiler
    • USB interface driver for GUI and user communication
    • Debugging and Programming Sample code and documentation


Partner Vendors

KPIT Cummins' Advanced Technology Solutions group provides business and technology solutions for the CTO, CIO and CFO of global customers from their focused verticals. Their specialized & niche set of offerings span from Advanced Technology Solutions (Automotive, Semiconductor Solutions), through Business IT & Intelligence to BPO / KPO.

AR Systems is the world's leading independent supplier of embedded development tools. Since 1983, the company has been dedicated to continuously provide software updates, and to continue to support the market's widest range of processors. IAR Systems has a global technical support organization, extensive development resources, and expertise for Renesas RX, V850, SH2A, R8C, M16C, M32C, R32C, H8, H8S, 78K, and RL78.

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