Single Port, PLC Differential Line Driver


The ISL15102IRZ-EVAL board uses the ISL15102 single port differential line driver for power line communication (PLC) applications. The device is designed to drive heavy line loads while maintaining a high level of linearity required in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) PLC modem links. The ISL15102IRZ-EVAL board has a disable control switch (DIS). In disable mode, the line driver goes into low power mode and the outputs maintain a high impedance in the presence of high receive signal amplitude, improving TDM receive signal integrity. An internal input CM buffer maximizes the dynamic range and reduces the number of external components in the application circuit.

The ISL15102 is supplied in a thermally-enhanced small footprint (4mm x 5mm) 24-Ld QFN package. The ISL15102 is specified for operation across the -40 °C to +85 °C ambient temperature range.

Key Features

  • Single differential driver
  • Internal VCM
  • 90MHz signal bandwidth, AV = 10, RF = 4.22K
  • Single +8V to +28V supply, absolute maximum 30V
  • Supports narrowband and broadband DMT PLC
  • Control switch to enable and disable TDM operation
  • Fully assembled and tested


  • Power line communication differential driver

ISL15102IRZ-EVALZ Evaluation Board Layout

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