Update: November 7, 2019
Renesas Electronics Corporation

This software is face detection sample program and its source code which runs on RZ/G2 series. It applies human face detection on USB camera input by using OpenCV face detection function. For GUI, Qt Framework is used.
Use this software as a sample of USB camera input and GUI display.

Product Overview

  • Features
    UVC camera supported. Controlled by V4L2
    GUI by Qt Framework
    OpenCV 2.4.11
  • This program is confirmed to work under following environment:
    Verified Linux Package: VLP64 1.0.1
  • Package Contents:
    OpenCV Face Detection Sample Program (Binary)
    Sample Program source code, compilation environment and execution environment
    Sample Program User Manual (English only)
    OpenCV Library Cross-compile Manual (English only)
  • After download, please read README.txt first.
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