Do you have a problem with embedded system development?

  • Want to shorten the development duration
  • Want to be equipped with the latest algorithm ahead of other companies
  • Want to correspond with the repeated specification changes of the complicated algorithm
  • Want to add function, after the product shipment

DRP solves the problems of the equipment development.

DRP realizes the shortening of the development duration.

DRP Develoment Period Image

At conventional system device, could not start device design, until the full specification determined. DRP directly design the hardware (DRP firmware design). Because the device can producing before the specification determined, can shorten the duration.

Can build the flexible system

Image of The flexibility that DRP provides

The flexibility that DRP provides, realizes the value-add continuous offering by the software update. After the product shipment, the specification change and adding function are possible by software. In addition, using the software library of the DRP firmware which has been developed, it is easy to deploy to other products and different type products which use same device.

It is easy to implementation of complicated algorithm and performance improvement.

Image of DRP Firmware Algorithm

Make the firmware with the algorithm described by C language in integrated development environment, and make the hardware by this firmware put on DRP, then execute with actual machine. Therefore, expect the significant shortening of the development duration or the performance improvement by the implementation of algorithm by algorithm designer himself and the algorithm improvement by the evaluation using actual machine.

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