DRP(Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor) is the programmable hardware which have both the flexibility of software and the speed of hardware. The firmware which define processing, can be renewed immediately.We suggest the solution of "C base design + highlevel synthesys + DRP", as the method to make the hardware of advanced and complicated processing in a short term.

Image of DRP design flow

Conventional design flow

On the algorithm development, the developing method which, at first, algorism development performed by C language, then it replace to HDL language in order to make hardware. This brings the next problems.

Outbreak of the rewrite man-hour
big barrier between software ⇔ hardware
Technical hurdle
It is difficult to convert C language having high abstract degree into HDL language.
Manual return due to the specifications change / deficient outbreak
The cause investigation of the malfunction which once occurred after having had the HDL language, is difficulty by the C language level

C base design flow by DRP

Integrated development environment converts the algorithm which was difficult to make hardware until now due to complicated, to the firmware of DRP, then can implement as hardware. By algorithm designer himself evaluate using actual machine and improve the algorithm, this can expect shortening the large development duration and the performance enhancement.


Directly design the hardware from C language, this is the idea called "programmable hardware (DRP)" which break through the conventional concept to design the hardware from C language via HDL language.