Wireless charging solution is suitable for the wearable market which are required small size and high efficiency for long life battery.


A wireless charging system consists of power receiving and charge/discharge system and power transmitter system.

The feature of power receiving and charge/discharge system IC RAA457100 is integrated all functions needed for a wireless chargeing,  rectification, charging control for small Lithium-Ion battery and top level of power-efficiency DC-DC converter in a singl chip as 3.22mm x 2.77mm small package.


The features of power transmitter IC RAA458100 is integrated functions such as gate driver and power transmitter control circuit.



Power Receiver IC (RAA457100)

  • All functions in a small package (Rectifier, Modulation, Demodulation, Battery protection and Li-Ion Battery Charger in 3.22 x 2.77 mm package)
  • Top level of power-efficiency DC-DC converter (For long life battery)


Power Transmitter IC (RAA458100)

  • 5 V single power source (Usable power bank)
  • Safety (Built-in bridge circuit over current protection and 2 systems of external overheat protection)
  • Integrated functions such as Gate driver,  Monitor & Protection and I2C interface



Key Features



Input Voltage

Max. 18 V

Operating Ambient Temperature

-20 to +50℃


Synchronous rectification

Lithium-ion second battery charge control (Selectable charge termination voltage from 4.05V, 4.2V and 4.35V,  Rapid-charge current setting : Max. 70 mA)

Power supply control to application

Battery protection

12-bit A/D converter for monitor

DC/DC converter (Selectable from 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V and 3.0V)

I2C interface


41-pin WLBGA (3.22mm x 2.77mm x 0.70mm thin, 0.4mm pitch)





Input Voltage

  4.4 to 5.25V

Operating Ambient Temperature

  -20 to +60℃


  Selectable Half bridge /Full bridge

  Transmission Power Control

  I2C interface

  Bridge circuit over current protection

  2 systems of external overheat protection


40-pin UQFN (5.0mm x 5.0mm x 0.65mm thin, 0.4mm pitch)



Block Diagram

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