Renesas offers a dedicated single-package solution with an MCU and analog front end (AFE) for battery management systems that constantly monitors the battery state.


Safety Features

  • - Built-in self-diagnostic functions for microcontroller and analog front-end (AFE)
  • - Low power mode for safe storage

High Accuracy

  • - High-precision delta-sigma A/D converter specialized for current, voltage, and temperature detection
  • - Battery level calculation takes battery deterioration into account

Design Support and Tools

  • - Starter Kits include evaluation board with reference design and sample firmware for fast prototyping.
  • - Application Notes and training videos (Under preparing)
  • - Regional support : Please consult your Renesas sales representative or office.

Product Overview

Product Series Cells Voltage [V] ROM/RAM Serial Interfaces I/O Key Features Package
Min Max
2 4 4 - 25 64 KB/4 KB
128 KB/5.5 KB
I²C, UART 12 Small package 32-pin QFN
2 5 4 - 25 32 KB/1.5 KB
48 KB/2 KB
64 KB/4 KB
I²C, UART 11 Small package, 5 series cell support 32-pin QFN
RAJ240080 2 5 4 - 28 64 KB/5.5 KB I²C, UART 22 Multiple GPIO 48-pin LQFP
RAJ240090 3 8 4 - 50 128 KB/7 KB I²C, UART, CAN 31 High voltage tolerance
Low power consumption (25 µA)
64-pin LQFP
RAJ240100 3 10 4 - 50 128 KB/7 KB I²C, UART, CAN 31 High voltage tolerance
Low power consumption (25 µA)
64-pin LQFP



Typical Applications

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- Power tool


Block Diagram



Development Environment

Starter Kit:

  • - Hardware and software for Initial evaluation.
  • - Enables evaluation of the device function and performance.
  • - E1 emulator connector for on-chip debugging.
  • - Provide the sample code including all basic functions of battery management (Supported by CS+ integrated development environment (evaluation edition)).
  • - Users can monitor the battery status such as Voltage, Current and Temperature using the USB-SMBus protocol converter and PC application.

Please refer to the One Page Guides.

When you would like to get the reference boards and sample codes of starter kit, please contact to your regional sales channels.


For safety and remaining capacity Li-ion battery