RZ/A Start-up is the broad market launch of the RZ/A Starter Project. RZ/A Starter Project has already been the key to the BETTER PLACE CHALLENGE.

Better Place Challenge

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Ready Sample Applications

RZ/A Starter Project is based on two parts. The RZ/A Software Package and a bundle of 10+ ready sample applications. The goal of the RZ/A Starter Project is to not only give you a fully integrated software package, but also a ready application project that has a similarity with your target application.

  • SDK for Camera
  • Touch Panel
  • USB Host
  • TES Guiliani Demo
  • GUI Sample
  • Web Server Sample
  • USB Host Sample
  • USB Function Sample
  • ADC Sample
  • Sound Sample

RZ/A Software Package

The Renesas RZ/A Software Package simplifies and accelerates camera-GUI-display implementations for Human Machine Interfaces. For each of these main components; i.e., camera, GUI and display, the RZ/A Software Package has a pre-integrated software component that allows quick and easy design steps. For easy adjustment of the camera input, there is the SDK for Camera sample application. For generation of an intuitive GUI, the TES Guiliani SDK (Software Development Kit) provides all the necessary tools, and for quick configuration of the display controller, the quick and efficient QE for Display can be applied. With all these tools being pre-integrated, the RZ/A Software Package significantly reduces design complexity.

RZ/A Software Package QE for Display


The RZ/A Software Package has five main components:

  • RZ/A base software, including RTOS, drivers, and middleware, such as filesystem, TCP/IP stack, and USB stack
  • SDK for camera sample application for quick camera adjustment
  • Quick and efficient QE for Display and QE for Camera for graphical configuration with real-time feedback
  • Several sample applications for quick application development
  • Seamless integration with TES Guiliani GUI framework

Download RZ/A Software Package


Marketing Solution Block Diagram


Speed Up Development with Renesas RZ/A HMI Design Tools

Working with the RZ/A Software Package, you jumpstart your industrial HMI development. First, you save time by working with the STREAM IT! RZ hardware development platform, which has all you need from a hardware perspective – a powerful MPU with 3MB of embedded SRAM, a 4.3 inch touch TFT display, and a connected camera. The RZ/A Software Package is fully integrated and free of charge. It comes with several sample applications that allow a very quick ramp to innovation, and it is fully integrated with the highly differentiated TES Guiliani GUI framework. With the “Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite program, this package is also free of charge, even in production.

RZA HMI Design Tool Diagram

RZA HMI Design Tool Real-Time Feedback

In a conventional development cycle, designers start by reading bulky hardware manuals, which may have thousands of pages. Hardware for HMI implementations tend to have a fair amount of complexity. As an example, the VDC5 video display controller has over 2,000 registers. Subsequently, the designer would adjust the source code, recompile the code, download the program, and confirm the result. And this entire cycle would take place many times until the target outcome is reached. With Camera SDK Sample Application and QE for Display, camera and display adjustments are configured graphically, and the result is monitored in real time without any source code changes or recompilations.

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Renesas RZ/A Software Package Jumpstarts your HMI design

The RZ/A Software Package provides the enablement of HMI giving designers a fast start and a very steep ramp to innovation.

Renesas RZ/A Software Package – What’s Inside?

The RZ/A Software Package has three main components: RZ/A base software, TCP/IP stack and USB stack, and sample applications.

RZ/A Starter Project

The RZ/A Starter Project is best way to get up and running with the RZ/A Software Package.