Veridify Future-Proof Security for IoT Edge Devices

RA Partner Ecosystem Solutions


Veridify's fast, small footprint, energy-efficient security methods are ideal for protecting Renesas RA devices and the low resource IoT points they connect to. Veridify's methods perform 10x faster than Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).

Key Features

  • Easily implement secure boot, secure firmware update, remote authentication and other common security features on the Renesas RA family of devices
  • Compact and ultra-low-energy methods are ideal for the Renesas RA family and the low-resource IoT devices they connect to
  • Quantum-resistance delivers future-proof authentication and data protection
  • 10x faster than ECC for superior performance and lower energy consumption
  • Available in software or hardware; reduces time and cost to market entry

Block Diagram

Wireless smoke and gas detectors are at risk for cyber attack. Implementing security within the detectors enables the central monitoring station to authenticate them before acting on their messages, and to ensure that the messages they send have not been altered.

SecureRF GTC Diagram

Target Markets and Applications

  • Secure boot
  • Secure firmware update
  • Remote authentication
  • Identification
  • Data integrity
  • Data confidentiality

TitleTypeLast Updated DateSize
Veridify Company Overview
Authentication and Identification for the Smallest IoT Devices
PDF 30 Jan 2020 485 KB
Veridify Future-Proof Security for RA2 IoT Edge Devices
Veridify Future-Proof Security for RA2 IoT Edge Devices for the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem
PDF 19 Dec 2019 264 KB
Veridify RA6 SDK Getting Started Guide PDF 28 Mar 2020 583 KB
Veridify’s SDK for RA6 IoT Edge Devices
Veridify’s SDK for RA6 IoT Edge Devices for RA Partner Ecosystem
PDF 28 Mar 2020 208 KB
Veridify SDK Package ZIP 28 Mar 2020 5.7 MB

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