EtherCAT Communication evaluation environment platform.

Easy-to-use even for first-time users.

Easily confirm EtherCAT communication functions.

IAR Systems Products: Kick-Start Kit

  • Kick-Start kit
  • JTAG-ICE (Ijet-Lite)
  • EWARM(Limited version)

Renesas offers the IAR Kick-Start Kit as a development environment that helps you to start development more quickly and easily. By using this platform, even users developing EtherCAT products for the first time can set up the development environments for initial communication and evaluation of the EC-1 easily at the same time. So, you can shift to the phase of concrete development quickly.

Kick-Start Kit

  • Evaluation board (TS-EC-1-COM)
  • JTAG-ICE (Ijet-Lite)
  • EWARM 30-day time-limited evaluation license (or code size limited evaluation license)

Inquiries about Kick-Start Kit IAR Systems

Product Information :

Note : For evaluation of this solution kit

EtherCAT Slave Stack Code and EtherCAT Master are needed for evaluation.

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