SH-MobileR2 is intended for use in portable and mobile devices with support for One-Seg terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, such as car navigation systems and personal navigation devices (PNDs). The SH-MobileR2 operates about 1.5 times as fast as the SH-MobileR and delivers functions providing an even higher level of performance.

Key Features

  • 400 MHz high-speed operation and 256 Kbytes secondary memory cache, making it approximately 1.5 times as fast as its predecessor.
  • High-performance Multi-CODEC video processing IP which supports H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (H.264).
  • Wide variety of on-chip peripheral functions, including 2-D graphics accelerator, USB 2.0 host/function support (high-speed), an ATAPI controller and an SD host controller with high-speed specification support.


Product name SH7724 (R8A77240D500BG) SH7724 (R8A77240B500BB)
Operating temprerature range -40 to 85 ℃ -20 to 70 ℃
CPU core SH-4A (with MMU)
Max. operating frequency 500 MHz
Cache memory Primary cache: 32 KB instruction/32 KB data (separate), Secondary cache: 256 KB instruction/data (shared)
Media data RAM 128 KB
On-chip RAM 16 KB
External memory Dedicated controller for DDR2/MobileDDR
Connection via 32-bit bus, max. operating frequency: 166.7 MHz
Dedicated controller for MobileDDR
Connection via 32-bit bus, max. operating frequency: 166.7 MHz
Local bus controller
Support for connection to ROM, SRAM, PCMCIA, etc., connection via 16-bit or 32-bit bus, max. operating frequency: 83.3 MHz
Main on-chip peripheral functions Video I/O (camera module direct connection interface)
Video image processing functions (color conversion,image enlargement/reduction, filtering)
Image blending function
VPU5F (H.264,MPEG-4,VC-1)
JPU(JPEG encode, decode)
Video output unit
LCD control with support for 24-bit TFT color LCD panel
2D graphics accelerator
Sound processing unit (24-bit dedicated audio DSP)
USB2.0 Host/Function controller (with high-speed mode support) x 2 channels
ATAPI interface
TS interface
DMAC x 12 channels
FIFO serial interface x 1 channel
32-bit timer unit x 6 channels
32-bit compare-match timer x 1 channel
16-bit timer pulse unit x 4 channels
Realtime clock x 1 channel
Watchdog timer x 1 channel
I2C Bus interface x 1 channel
Key scan interface
Asynchronous/clock synchonous serial interface X 6 channels
IrDA interface (with v1.2a support)
MMC4.2-compliant NAND interface
SD memory/SDIO card interface X 2 channels
Ethernet MAC (10 M/100 Mbps)
H-UDI on-chip debug function
Power-down (low-power) modes Sleep mode, Standby mode, R-standby mode, U-standby mode
Package 449-pin BGA (21 mm x 21 mm、0.8 mm pin pitch) 441-pin POP-compatible BGA (14 mm x 14 mm, 0.5 mm pin pitch)