Intelligent Power Devices have built-in peripheral and protection functions, and support system reliability improvement and unit downsizing. This device lineup can support a variety of automotive system requirements and includes intelligent power switches, thermal FETs, MOSFET drivers, and a motor driver.

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Protected & Intelligent Power Switches

Single/Dual high-side output with optimized protection function and analog current feedback for body, lighting and heater applications.

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Thermal FETs

Pin-compatible with standard Power MOSFET packages and built-in over temperature protection function for body, lighting and heater applications, as well as powertrain applications and 24V battery system applications.

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MOSFET Drivers

MOSFET gate drivers for 3-phase motor applications. Line up the products with LDOs for MCU, 24V battery system capability, built-in current sense amplifiers, and motor angle detection function. The products support unit downsizing and high performance.

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Motor Drivers

Three-phase MOSFET driver for brushless motor. Offers a variety of built-in detection and protection functions, EGR, air conditioning, it is suitable for inverter drive of medium to large capacity motor applications.

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