Intelligent Digital Amplifier and Sound Processor

Product Status: Mass Production


The D2-926xx family of the DAE-3™ and DAE-3HT™ Digital Audio Engine™ devices are complete System-on Chip (SoC) multi-channel digital sound processors and Class-D amplifier controllers.

The integrated DSP provides efficient and configurable audio signal path processing including equalization, dynamic range compression, mixing, and filtering that is completely configurable via the Audio Canvas™ III high level programming interface. The integrated PWM engine supports programmable and dynamic control of audio output, enabling a variety of multi-channel output configurations and output power capacity. Internal noise shaping, an embedded asynchronous sample rate converter, dynamic level-dependent timing, and high resolution operation supports power stage audio performances with SNR >110dB and THD+N < 0.01%.

The D2-926xx devices are provided in two package and feature configurations which include the 128-pin DAE-3, and the72-pin DAE-3HT. Both the DAE-3 and DAE-3HT provide identical performance and enable an extremely flexible platform for feature rich and cost-affordable quality audio solutions, which benefit from the addition of Class-D amplifiers and DSP audio processing.

The 12 integrated digital PWM controllers can be used in a variety of multi-channel audio system configurations, supporting powered as well as line outputs. Fully protected amplifier control provides efficient and clean Class-D power output support.


  • Advanced DAE-3™ Digital Audio Engine™ IC Family
  • DAE-3™ Pin Compatible and Function/Feature Compatible with the D2Audio™ DAE-6™ Device Family
  • DAE-3HT™ - Identical DAE-3 performance, in 72-QFN package
  • Integrated DSP Digital Sound Processing
  • Customizable audio path sound processing
  • Fully configurable and routable audio signal paths and hardware function assignment
  • Fully Supported with Audio Canvas™ III Design Tool
  • Flexible Audio Input and Output Configurations
  • 12 Independent PWM Engine Channels
  • 4 Independent Asynchronous I2S Digital Inputs
  • Integrated high-performance stereo ADC (DAE-3 only)
  • S/PDIF™ Digital Audio Inputs supporting Linear IEC-61958 PCM or Compressed IEC-61937 Audio
  • S/PDIF Digital Audio PCM Output
  • Embedded 8-Channel Sample Rate Converter
  • Real-Time Amplifier Control and Monitoring
  • Supports Bridged, Half-Bridged, and Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) Topologies, Using Discrete or Integrated Power Stages
  • Complete Fault Protection with Automatic Recovery
  • D2Audio™ SoundSuite™ Enhancement and Virtualization
  • Enhanced Audio Processing Decoders And Virtualization
  • Dolby® Digital/AC3
  • Dolby® Pro Logic IIx
  • Dolby® Virtual Speaker
  • DTS®(SRS) TruSurround HD4™ , DTS®(SRS) WOW HD™, DTS®(SRS) TruVolume™


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
Input Channels
PWM Output Channels
Signal Flow
Supported Decoders
Supported Audio Inputs
4x I2S, 2x S/PDIF, HDA, ADC (opt), 8x fault INT
Supported Audio Outputs
12x PWM, 4x I2S, 1x S/PDIF
D2Audio PWM Engine, Graceful Fault Recovery, D2Audio SoundSuite™
D2 Audio DSP Customization GUI
Qualification Level
Temperature Range
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