The DG406 and DG407 monolithic CMOS analog multiplexers are drop-in replacements for the popular DG506A and DG507A series devices. They each include an array of sixteen analog switches, a TTL and CMOS compatible digital decode circuit for channel selection, a voltage reference for logic thresholds, and an ENABLE input for device selection when several multiplexers are present. These multiplexers feature lower signal ON-resistance (TRANS P-P signals when operating with ±15V power supplies. The sixteen switches are bilateral, equally matched for AC or bidirectional signals. The ON-resistance variation with analog signals is quite low over a ±5V analog input range.


  • ON-Resistance (Max): 100Ω
  • Low Power Consumption (PD): <1.2mW
  • Fast Transition Time (Max): 300ns
  • Low Charge Injection
  • TTL, CMOS Compatible
  • Single or Split Supply Operation
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)


  • Battery Operated Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Hi-Rel Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Automatic Test Equipment


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