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R-Car Proactive
Digital Cockpit Platform

Digital Cockpit for Next Generation Autonomous Vehicles and advanced Passenger Experience -Single ECU for consolidation of IVI, Cluster, HUD , Connectivity functions with integration of V2X, ADAS & EV -Solution Linux and Android -Hyerwisor based implementation

Surround View with Object analytics

Multi camera Surround View Monitoring system for Vehicles detects objects -Identifies objects in close proximity range of the vehicle warns or does auto-brake control signalling to avoid accidents with the objects -Displays on Display panel surround view with object detection

Rear Camera Replacement- Camera Mirror

The camera mirror system replaces conventional door mirrors with compact, external, high resolution cameras linked to in car monitors. -Give a combined view of left right & rear mrror on a single dashboard display -Provide an enhanced view of the area behind and immediately


New Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708

Phone Number
81 3 6206 3393
Partner Categories
Design Partners IDH
Automotive Application
Cockpit, Connected car, ADAS, Autonomous Drive
Core Technology
CAN network, TSNTimeSensitiveNetworking, CameraforDMSRealtimeproperty, ImageProcessingInputOutput, Virtualization, Voicerecognition, SystemControlMCU, SafeRTOS, Image recognition, Deep learning, InVehicleSensorLiDARLADARImageSensorRadar, Other
RH850 U, RCar H3, RCarV4H
Operating Systems
Linux, Android, Integrity, Autosar Classic, Adaptive Autosar, Other
Kernel Version
Android Automotive Version 9
Xen Hypervisor hosting Android
Business Model
SW Porting, System Integration, Prototyping, Custom development, Consulting, Other
Hardware IP
CANFD, TSIPforprojectOEMdedicatedSecuritysolution, CryptCellforcommoncryptacceleratorMultimedia, VCP, PCIE
Middleware, Framework, SDK, Board, Other
Relayware Only
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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Singapore, India